The Nepali food kheer making style

Samaya baji is authentic Nepali dish that is presented by the newars of Nepal. This Nepali food is one of the most popular dishes and is passed down through many generations and is still much appreciated by every people. This is mostly served during auspicious occasion in the family get together and in many Newari festivals. This Nepali food Samaya baji is the starter in every celebration in every puja and image every religious activities. It is a must needed Nepali food for newars, and it is also served as in Sharada.

It can also be stored and kept it for a long time. This Nepali food Samaya baji is served in almost every activity like Dashain, Tihar, Bhai Tika and jatras like Indra, etc.. not only in this festivals but this Nepali food Samaya baji is also given in birthdays, and after any good thing that happens, However, this samaya baji is very delicious Nepali food that is very close to every newars and is getting close to every Nepali.

Not only that Samaya baji is very delicious because it has so many items that are mouthwatering and colorful which also attracts the people.